Tuesday, January 20, 2015

On the Needles (and Soon Off the Needles)

The house finally feels unpacked and a little better (minus the giant pile of boxes and recycling... but that's best left ignored for now).  I built Ikea furniture like a mad woman last weekend, and all the clothes are folded nicely in the drawers and hung in my closet (which is twice as big as the last place- huzzah!).
It's finally to a point where I can unpack just a little bit every day and I won't frantically be looking for a charger cord or a pair of pants or a belt.  Hopefully one or two boxes and some organizing (and purging!) will mean that by the end of January, early February, we'll be truly "moved in"!
Yesterday I was finally able to sit down and organize my knitting drawer.  I have a few projects that are very very close to being finished, and I'm excited to get a bunch of WIP's wrapped up before January closes out, if possible!
Projects to get off the needles ASAP:

The Armadillo Ornament
This was supposed to be done for Christmas for a certain little lad.  It got lost in a box during the move before Christmas, and I only just found it again yesterday.  Probably a few hours to finish, tops.

The Everlasting Gobstopper Mitts
I put this in the long-term hibernation box for a long time since I wasn't happy with them and had no one to give them to.  Luckily, when I was organizing yesterday, my new roommate Kim saw them and loved them.  These should take again probably one night of CSI-watching tops to finish.  It's about time I just finish them and get them out of the queue.

Onward Shawl
Another knit that I originally wanted to finish for Christmas, and did originally finish for Christmas, before the destructive little chubs got a hold of it and destroyed a part of it.  It's going to take some frogging, repair work, and finishing the last three section repeats before I can check this one off the list.  It'll take longer than the others, but it's my only really big project I have on the needles right now that I need to finish.  Plus the recipient should get it while it's still chilly out and she could use it...

Adama Cowl
This is part of a knit-along with S's Mom.  I'm finished with 3 of the 4 pattern repeats, and I'm hopefully going to be able to finish soon enough to wear while it's still nice and chilly out.  It'll look great to wear while teaching, which is added motivation to keep going on it.

I have some other knits that are sitting in the wings to start, so finishing these four projects would be really nice.  It'll clear up room in my knitting drawer and make me feel accomplished. :)  Plus, the knits that I want to start are all sorts of cool.

Tonight- sitting down and finishing at least one of these!  Onward!

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