Thursday, April 5, 2012

Planning Stage- Check

I've been itching to start a new sweater for myself as part of my "12 in 2012", and I'm excited to finally swatch this weekend after a long wait!
I'm going to be making the Effortless Cardigan with this beautiful stuff:

which some of you may remember from its run-in with my little kitten Maeby:

I haven't untangled the second skein (yet), but I decided on the patterns I'm going to integrate to make this cardigan not quite as effortless as it should be.  I have knitting through the entire first skein before I have to deal with untangling, so hopefully sometime between now and then I'll sit down and work on it.  :)
On the back, I'm going to integrate the cable pattern from the Effervesce socks, starting on the left shoulder and opening up as the back goes down to the hem.  On the sleeves, I'll have the cable pattern from the Fredrika socks running down the arm.  That way I'll have a really fun amount of cable to keep this otherwise pretty simple cardigan entertaining, plus it gives me a chance to work on modifying patterns!  I'll be swatching tomorrow on my day off, and during my Easter break I'll hopefully cast on for this beautiful sweater (provided all goes well)!
I know I have a lot of other projects I need to work on/finish, but I'm pretending for the next couple days that it's totally fine... that I can get going on this with no repercussions... that other large projects are supposed to be in time out for things they've done... :)

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