Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter and Pomatomus

Despite the odd warm weather this year, Easter weekend was windy, cold, and even a little snowy up here in the north!

I went on a long, beautiful hike, pretending the wind wasn't causing the temps to dip below freezing, and ended up supremely chilly and trying to hide inside my raincoat the entire time.  Good thing the Easter bunny brought me just the thing to help warm up once I was back inside!
I love that in this day and age, ridiculous things like this awesome mug exist.  My coffee (and afternoon tea and nightly hot chocolate if this weather keeps up) will be supremely happy in this sweet little mug, and looking up from knitting at it makes me super happy!
I had a relaxing Easter weekend, going on hikes, going climbing with new climbers up at Shovel Point (despite the crazy wind), and warming up in a hot tub before drifting off to movies.  I was able to squeeze some knitting in there- I got one of the Mama Mitts done for a fellow climber, and I FELL IN LOVE with this pattern:
The fingerless mitten pattern is based off of the Pomatomus sock pattern, from the amazing Cookie A.  I never made the socks, since I usually take forever to finish any pair of sock, but have always loved the way it looks.  Instead, I tackled it with the fingerless mitts, and even though I knew from oogles of pictures exactly how it was going to look, I was still super excited when the little shell-waves began to emerge.  The boyfriend looked at me shaking his head when I kept showing him after EVERY ROW how AWESOME it was looking, and he asked, "didn't you know it was going to look like this?" to which I would say excitedly, "YES, but not like THIS!".  
Because, really- it's SO COOL that knitting can make patterns like this!!!

I guess I do deserve that mug.  Knit-wit, right here.
At least I'm pretty sure I'm in good company. :)


swildes said...

I want to turn this stitch pattern into a pair of gloves for my mom for Christmas... but I'm discouraged about trying since I can't find anyone else who has done in on Ravelry...What do you think? Glove possible?

Katie said...

Uffda- glove might be possible, but difficult. I would swatch a finger before going all-out on the pattern- that would be super cool if you got it!