Thursday, April 19, 2012


It's been an interesting last week or so for me in regards to the little machines I have surrounding me. It started when I tried to update my iPod touch, which for some reason always is way more of a big deal than I think it should be.  Basically the iPod forgot how to work and do anything, so I told my in-house Tech and boyfriend to get me an external hard drive to back up all my music and documents and thesis papers so he could uninstall windows and reinstall it (or something like that) for the first time in my laptop's long life.
I can home to my poor old laptop having a huge struggle connecting to the internet, which iTunes apparently HAS to be connected to if you want to make it function or reboot an iPod. The iPod itself was not working (yet again), and I gave BF the green light to "do what you need to in order to fix it".  Since I teach dance 4 nights a week, having music is a must for me.
The next time I checked in, my iPod wasn't working, my old laptop now had linux on it, and I had no idea how to do anything with my music stuff.  Or anything on the computer in general.  This was a problem.
At the same time, I wrote a frustrated facebook post about my iPod pooping out on me, and an old co-worker and friend gave me her old 3G iPhone in exchange for me to knit her a beret!  Sweet trade, and now I was able to join the leagues of those with iPhones.
Now the problem is this- with only 8GB, I had to figure out how to pick and choose which of the 27 GB of music I wanted from my external hard drive, put it magically on my little laptop (which has iTunes), and transfer that to my new iPhone.
I left BF out of the loop on this so far, as he's happily converting old laptop into a linux supermachine (he's convinced I'm going to teach myself linux- ooooh boy that conversation will be fun), which means that thus far...
Nothing has been done.
I'm teaching with CDs I burned before the big computer/iPod fix, and I haven't been able to listen to any music for awhile now.
This morning I looked at all the technology around me, and realized that I was surrounded on all sides.  I should just give in and figure it all out and go with the flow.  After all, especially with a new iPhone (which I just figured out how to turn it on silent mode- go me!) and a Nook Tablet (which I've only used so far for Netflix), I seemed to be surrounded by tons of modern technological devices that I would have to figure out eventually... right?
Instead, I had another cup of coffee, jumped on Ravelry for a teeny bit, and read the new Ascent magazine about sport climbing in France (on the list of places to go).  

I'll deal with it... later.
Much later.
Like after the dance competition this weekend.
Or when I really really really need music.


How to this get so complicated so fast?

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