Monday, January 20, 2014

FO: Val's Cowl

My friend Val got married last summer, and a month ago she finally asked me for her knitted wedding present- a chunky, warm, mustard-colored cowl.  Since I was in the midst of Christmas knitting, I didn't get to start on it until just recently.  Luckily, chunky yarn and size 15 needles with an easy pattern means that I had a finished product in just two short knitting sessions!  

Pattern: Drop-Stitch Cowl, by Abi Gregorio (link goes to the Ravelry page, where you can download it for free!)
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn's Colca Canyon- 2 skeins of delicious mustard-colored goodness!
Needles: size 15, on my Denise Interchangeable needles.
Timeframe: A couple hours on January 17th and a couple hours on January 19th.  Not even a problem. :)
Worst Part: Not much to complain about here.  I guess knitting all those YO's made my circular needles exceedingly crowded.
Best Part: Super quick and easy pattern, plus the yarn is NOM NOM TASTIC! :)
I love checking those quick and easy projects off my list.  
I also spent more time last night on the Dude Sweater, and I'm already past the first band of colorwork on the right front section of the sweater.  I really can't wait to get to the sleeves, when I don't have to work them back and forth with this stupid reverse colorwork.  Definitely going to learn how to steek in the future so I don't have to do this next time.  
Besides the Dude, the Narwhal mittens, and finally starting to work on my Honey Quilt again, I don't have much else on my needles.  I think I'm going to finally get the Addition Socks out again- I finished the first one awhile ago, and they suffered severe second-sock syndrome.  They'll be a good traveling project, and I can finally get them off the needles and out of my UFO pile.
I don't need to start any more projects before the Olympic games start, after all... :)

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