Saturday, January 18, 2014

FO: Rock Star Hat

Scott has two younger brothers, and the youngest, Bradlee, is heavy in the Minneapolis music scene.  Since he's in like 4 bands, writes his own music, and has performed all over Minneapolis and the Midwest, I thought it would be cool to knit him a mildly hipster-style hat to wear onstage for his belated Christmas present!  I've been meaning to knit both his brothers hats for awhile now, and I only just got around to making one for Bradlee.  Hence, the Rock Star Hat!

Pattern: Turn a Square by Jared Flood, aka BrooklynTweed.  This is like the tenth time I've made this hat, and definitely not the last...
Yarn: Cascade 220 in black and Noro Kureyon colorway 263, both leftover from other projects.  The Noro is actually the second half of a skein from Scott's own Turn a Square hat!
Timeframe: January 12th-15th, 2014.
Mods: I accidentally knit 6 inches from the brim before decreasing instead of 5.  Guess I just enjoyed the stripes too much... :)

Worst Part: In the pictures, you can see a small string of the black pulled out.  Can you guess who did that?  Yep, that was the lovely little Maeby.  In fact, she kept grabbing the hat and rubbing her face all over it while meowing when I left it on the coffee table.  In her happy rolling and rubbing, she accidentally yanked out a small piece of the yarn.  No idea what her deal was, but then again I usually don't.
Best Part: Having exactly the perfect amount of Noro yarn leftover from the last hat that I made to finish the stripes on this one.  Bam!

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