Friday, March 15, 2013

Not the Break I had Planned...

After my students handed in their grammar test yesterday afternoon, spring break officially started for them.  I had a little more to do, but last night, instead of packing gear for my trip after dance, I moped around the house, watching CSI and casting on for what was supposed to be my trip knitting.

This is the first of my Christmas knitting for 2013- something small and compact, easy enough to grab on the way out the door, and in bright colors to combat the brown snow outside.  This is a leftover skein from another project I did (another pair of handwarmers, in fact!), and I'm really happy to be knitting with something bright that reminds me of outside.  The pictures don't do the colors justice.
Just imagine the colors as the trees at the height of fall colors!  
I figured I could bring this small project to my Duty Day meetings this morning to get a start on it- and boy, did it knit up fast.
My Duty Day is finished now, and all I have scheduled for the long week off ahead are a couple of dance lessons and some working time at the gym at the end of the week.  Don't get me wrong- I have a lot of grading to do (2 batches of papers, plus tests and daily work) and plenty on my to-do list.  But this is one lady that's a little sad there isn't more on my docket.  I'm exceedingly bummed that I'm not down south climbing, even though there was nothing I could do to change the circumstances.  I figure I'll keep up my moping through tonight before I snap out of it and find another adventure.  
Maybe I'll check out Palisade sometime this week and see how much ice there really is in the cracks... Tuesday is a high of 23- balmy!  ;)

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