Sunday, March 3, 2013

FO: Mustache March Run 'Stache

Living in Duluth (and Minnesota in general) usually means that around spring, there's a lot of cabin fever going around.  I start to feel it around mid-February, and it does nothing but get worse as the days pretend to get nicer (but really don't).  To combat this, we have a few ridiculous things to keep us occupied.  
One of these is the Mustache March Run, put on by a local running company!
This year was the second year, and I decided to put a little more effort into my mustache for the event.
It took about 3 CSI episodes to whip out my mustache, but I was exceedingly happy with the result!
Not only did it keep my face pleasantly warm the entire windy run, but I won FIRST PLACE in the "Best Imposter Mustache" competition held after the race!  How's that for awesome knitting?
Pattern: "Beard", by Joanna Rankin (link goes to Ravelry page)
Yarn: I used my extra Cascade Yarns Eco Wool (from the Dude Sweater!)- maybe 30 yards tops, and that's being generous.
Needles: 10 1/2 bamboo
Mods: I didn't finish it the way it was intended- instead of making it to wrap around the ears, I simply left yarn strands on the ends of the sideburns and tied it up high behind my ponytail.  Much better for being active.
Worst Part: I just sat here and stared at my keyboard for a full 2 minutes.  Nothing comes to mind.  Creepiest part might be that the 'stache and beard move while I'm talking, giving them a creepy life-like quality that several friends said really added to the experience... :)
Best Part: The number of compliments I got, and the number of times people asked me "Where do you get that?" and seeing their faces when my reply was, "I knit it!".  Probably could have sold a ton if I felt like an entrepreneur.  Or the fact that it took only part of an evening to make.  Or the fact that it's a beard, and it's awesome.
You get the picture. :)
The run was 2.65 miles, and honestly... it didn't go that well.  I mean, I'm in great climbing shape.  I did 4 laps on the hueco wall at the climbing gym yesterday as my cool-down.  I'm climbing hard, too.  But I've been avoiding the elliptical as of late.  And to be fair, it was like 20 degrees out with a bit of a breeze.  Whatever the reason... when I got to the first mile marker (mile marker 1, mind you), I was already ready to start doing a little walking.  
It made me a little more nervous for the Half-Marathon coming up in June.  I still have a lot of training time, but I'm definitely not in running shape right now. 
More like anti-running.  Climbing shape.  Knitting shape.  :)
I ended up coming home yesterday, sticking in Gilmore Girls, and nursed my worries with hot chocolate in my new mug from the race.  This morning, my quads were letting me know that going from nothing to 2.65 miles is not a good idea.
Uffda.  This is going to be a long training season.  Starting Monday, probably, if I don't want to collapse on race course in a few months...


Samantha said...

I will totally run or run/walk with you any time. Just let me know! If you're feeling ambitious - come to the Spring Trail Series! There are all sorts of paces going on.

Mark said...

Looking at these great photos, the Monty Python song "I'm a lumberjack, & I'm OK" comes to mind. :-)