Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Carry On

While it hasn't been the climbing-action filled break I had originally aimed for, it's been really nice to take a few days to wind down a bit and enjoy relaxing.  I've gotten some quality time with Scott, climbed a bit at the climbing gym, graded some papers, watched some movies, and enjoyed other spoils.
Highlights include beating Scott at Scrabble:

enjoying our new (old?) NES system that Scott got at a retro gaming store over the weekend:

and getting a lot of work in, both at home and at school.

I've got my lessons planned for the next two weeks, including any handouts or peer review sheets, and all I have left to do before break ends is grade 2 batches of papers.  I may have procrastinated those as long as possible...
Besides grading, the rest of this week will hopefully include a night out on the town to watch live music tomorrow, lots more knitting, climbing, maybe a movie night with lady friends, snickerdoodle cookies, and of course more beating Scott at Scrabble.
This time off stuff is nice... :)

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