Monday, March 11, 2013

FO: Climber Baby Hat

I have a few friends that I've known since I started climbing, and one of them has a wife expecting their first baby this spring!  My friend is a tall, lanky dude with a full red beard mismatched to his blond hair.  He's a little quirky, which is why I figured a quirky hat was in order for his first little boy.

Pattern: Stripey Stocking Cap from Susan B. Anderson's book itty bitty hats
Yarn: I used Jarbo Garn Raggi Solid, in three different shades of blue.
Needles: Size 9.  Loving the big needles.
Gift/Barter? Definitely a gift!
Size: Since the baby is due in early spring and it's not going to be chilly again until fall, I made the 6-month to 24-month old version of the hat.  That way, when it gets chilly again, it will (hopefully) fit his head!

Timeframe: February 12th-March 10th, 2013
Worst Part: Weaving in a million ends.  Every time I changed colors I cut the previous color, leading me to have to spend a loooooong time weaving them all in.
Best Part: It's a pretty ridiculous hat- my Dad would probably call it a "Dr. Suess" hat, reminiscent of a Who from Who-ville.  Best part is the finished product!

Glad to get this project done, and get it done before the baby is due.  Babies have a habit of not being on anyone's clock but their own. :)

(No Alberts were harmed in the process of creating this post, though when I tried to put the hat on his head he wasn't very happy or cooperative about it.)

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