Sunday, March 10, 2013


I worked a couple of shifts at the climbing gym as this week wrapped up.  When I wasn't clocked in, I was there climbing!

Yes, that is a picture of me bouldering... it doesn't happen very often.  I would always much rather be at the end of a rope.  Bouldering, however, helps you improve at the higher grades.  Since I want to push to the 5.12 range, bouldering can only help me.  Despite how much I grumble while doing it. :)  I've been climbing with anyone I run in to at the gym- coworkers, friends, people I don't know but get to know as we scale walls.  One week from today I'll be down in Kentucky- SO close!

It's especially hard to believe I'll be climbing outside after last night- Duluth got dumped on with half a foot of wet, heavy white stuff.

I got to have a great dinner with my brother and his girlfriend at the local new place, Canal Park Brewery, but driving home turned out to be a slippery adventure.  My car only has front-wheel drive, so getting up the hills can be interesting scary fun when it's crazy out like this.  I was pretty happy to get home, and even better was being greeted by Scott with a glass of wine and a movie.

It was also the perfect time to finish up the baby hat for a friend's expected little one!  Weaving in a million ends is always better with wine and distractions.

It's a pretty ridiculous hat, and all it lacks is the pom-pom on the top.  I'll hopefully get that made this evening after teaching dance, ready to wrap up before the baby arrives!
Time to run errands.  AKA, time to go find my car under a heavy blanket of snow.  Uffda, I'm glad I have a little extra time to dig it out today...

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Mark said...

Even 'the Cat in the Hat' will be jealous of this fun hat. :-)