Thursday, March 14, 2013


I sat down yesterday with Emily, one of the ladies coming on the Red River Gorge climbing trip with me.  We sipped coffee and contemplated this weather forecast:
It's pretty bleak.  The four days we were planning on climbing was Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday- and every single day has rain forecasted (Tuesday was 30% chance).  There was a little bit of climbing one could do in the Red while it rained, but driving 850 miles for 4 straight days of rain was not worth it.
We then checked Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas- three days of rain.  Southern Illinois- four days of rain.  Devil's Tower in Wyoming- Rain/Snow/Slush wintery mix for the whole weekend plus temps hovering around freezing.  Anywhere else was too far of a drive to make precious days of climbing worth it.
While I have the entire week off of school (but not dance), the other three ladies had gotten time off for our trip.  We couldn't move days off around for the forecast, so we had to do the only thing that made sense at this point.
We postponed our trip until mid-May, when the semester is over and we're all a little more flexible in timing.
I'm super bummed.  I was really looking forward to climbing outside and getting away from Duluth, school, and responsibilities for awhile.  It'll be nice to have some time off at home (Scott and I are already planning some date nights!) but nothing beats a climbing trip with some awesome ladies.
We're hopefully going to get down to Sandstone and clip some bolts in chillier temps on Saturday, and maybe make a day trip up to Palisade on Sunday, but the big driving plans will have to wait for now.
Damn you, mother nature.
I bite my thumb at thee for thwarting my escape plans.

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