Sunday, May 27, 2012

Projects Galore

I've had a lot of projects both on the needles and ready to go at my sewing machine.  Due to jumping back and forth, I feel like I haven't made progress on anything.  I finally stayed up late last night and finished the hat for my friend Sarah:

It's blocking on a dinner plate right now in the sad attempt for sun.  It's probably the best weather we've had so far since last Tuesday.  Last night was a pretty cool crescendo of grossness- Duluth received had a thunderstorm big enough to turn the kittens into little tornado whirlwinds at two in the morning.
Luckily, bad weather means a lot of time to get stuff done.  This morning I pulled out two yards of pretty knit fabric I picked up for a song and made myself an infinity scarf!

It was a super simple how-to from pinterest, and I'm pretty sure I'll be making more of these for presents for friends as birthdays come around this year!  I was able to finish it this morning in less than an hour, and was happily wearing it around as I ran out to get my oil changed and other errands.

One of those included a stop at Yarn Harbor, where I got a skein for a baby hat I'll be knitting to welcome the baby girl of an old high school friend.  While there, I happened to find something else extremely yummy...

Some Three Irish Girls yarn that I'll be using for a secret Christmas knit.  Early, you say, for Christmas knitting?  Not when my queue is as long as it is...
The rest of my afternoon off will be with this pretty fabric:

working on my present for the director of my dance studio, Stacey.  No worries- updates soon. :)
Now if only the rain would stop for long enough for a bike ride.  This day would be much better with some exercise. :)

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