Monday, May 28, 2012

FO: Cables for an iPhone

After a couple of days drying, the Cable Beret is finally finished!

Pattern: Nine Dwindling Cables
Yarn: The super squishy Plymouth Yarn in worsted Merino
Needles: Size 8, on bamboo

Modifications: I nearly ran out of yarn on this pattern, so the decreases at the top were a lot quicker and more intense than the pattern originally calls for.  As in, suddenly I noticed I had about twenty more rows and a tiny ball of yarn, so I quickly started decreasing more.  When I noticed it wasn't working, I did some magical decreasing involving a lot of K2tog, and luckily it didn't look like total crap at the top.
Time Frame: May 10-May 28th (counting dry-time, which took forever with rainy bad weather!)
Gift/Barter: Barter for my co-worker Sarah, who gave me her old 3G iPhone when my iPod crapped out.

Worst Part: I got real bored with this pattern real fast.  Maybe this is a sign that berets aren't my thing?
Best Part: This might sound silly, but I left the super small ball of about 7 yards that I had left from my project out, and in the morning found it completely unraveled and trailing around my apartment from my kittens playing with it.  Besides the always-great Plymouth Yarn, that was my favorite part!
Something I learned: I do not look good in berets.  Good to know. ;)

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