Monday, May 14, 2012

Grad Time!

At the end of last week, my brother graduated with his MA in Civil Engineering!  

It's weird to think that he's all grown up, with a new job designing skyscrapers.  Seems like not too long ago we were playing backyard baseball with the neighbors.

I was especially excited because both of my parents were able to make it up for the ceremony, as well as a few days of hang-out time.  My Dad's job currently keeps him in Florida, so I haven't seen him since Christmas.  My Mom is finishing her last year of teaching before joining him down south, and she'll be heading down there this summer.  Family time was needed, and it was great to go out with them, go on walks, and even party at the local brewhouse until late!
After they went home Saturday afternoon, I had a nice relaxing evening with my guy, went to see "The Avengers", and organized gear when we got home later.

Yesterday we drove up the shore for a quick Mother's Day lunch with his Mom before finally getting outside climbing.  It was my first time at Palisade Head this year, and despite a lot of wind, it felt amazing to get out! We only had a few hours before I had to get back for a work meeting, so we jumped on two 5.10s before throwing the rope for Sunny and Sheer, a 5.12a on an exposed arete.  This was my first attempt at a full route of 5.12, and besides flailing a little at the crux, I was able to figure out all the moves and got up!
This was my first successful outside 5.12a attempt, and it makes me really happy that I got up it!  Since a lot of what I was originally planning on projecting this summer at Palisade is closed due to the falcons nesting, this will be a good addition for my "To Climb" list.
Knitting took a little bit of a backseat to family time and climbing this weekend, but have no fear... more is coming...

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