Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let it Rain

I had a couple days off recently, and instead of being able to get outside climbing or running or biking, I've been watching out my window as rain pours down.  Yes, I realize that due to how little snow we had over the winter the rain is nice, but it would have been equally nice to spend at least a little bit of time out of doors. :)
Luckily I've had time to deep clean the apartment, finally get some projects done, and work more on others.  I had my good friend Alex over yesterday for some hanging out and stitching time.

She was finishing doing all the ties on a quilt (see if you can spot the hidden image!) while I worked more on my snowflakes.  Maeby made sure to hang out and make a pest of herself- so many dangling things to play with!
In addition, I tried out a couple of recipes I got from pinterest.  One was a simple snack- dipping blueberries in honey yogurt and freezing them.

They're super tasty little snacks, and ridiculously easy to make.  Took me maybe five minutes tops to fill a plate to stick in the freezer.  I also made some triple-layer cupcakes for a BBQ and movie night with a bunch of climber friends last night.  I put pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough in the bottom of a paper cupcake, placed a Reese's Peanut Butter cup upside-down on top, and covered the top with brownie mix.  They went over really well, and two dozen of them disappeared quickly!
Another rainy day today means more time to work.  I have to finish getting all my HR materials done for teaching at the college in town next year, then develop my syllabus and pick my textbook for my students.  I'd prefer to have all that done before I leave in July for Wyoming, so more work now means guilt-free play later. :)  Hopefully I'll be able to finish the hat I started for Sarah today as well- I'm at the decrease section, so it can't be too much longer before I get to check it off.
And perhaps tonight I'll be able to get more snowflakes in.

I LOVE how the ones I have done look so far (minus the fact that they look a tad like amoebas), and I'll probably be blocking them either tonight or tomorrow to see how they will really look.  13 total snowflakes that I'll need, and I finished the fourth one yesterday!
Sometimes it's nice to get a solid few days of cleaning and work time in. :)

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