Friday, March 2, 2012

Snow Days!

We had some mildly nasty weather over the last couple of days up here, resulting in schools closed for two days and lots of time for hot chocolate, movies, and knitting!

I did have to go to VE the day of the blizzard, and ended up having to walk the 2 1/2 miles through the snow in mountaineering boots because my snowshoes are down at my parent's house.  The wind and snow was blowing like crazy, but I was fully geared up in my winter camping stuff and knits, so I was snug as a bug walking down!  It was an amazing walk- I got to see Duluthians cheerfully cross-country skiing in the middle of the road, out building snowmen, and pushing cars out of the ditches.  The last stretch along the boardwalk followed the edge of Lake Superior, and easily 6-foot waves crashed up on the partitions and thoroughly soaked me.  Beautiful Duluth Day! :)
Yesterday was more of a recovery day- most of the city was still digging itself out, and I spent a half hour getting my car out of my parking spot in front of my house before heading to Casket Quarry for some dry-tooling!  It was a beautiful approach, and despite there being no ice this year the dry-tooling was a lot of fun.  Casket is just removed enough from the city that it's quiet, and I wasn't nearly as out of shape as I thought I would be.  Mixed-climbing technique is kind of like riding a bike- once you get it in your bones, you don't forget it.  For some reason, I followed up 4 hours of mixed climbing with 2 hours of rock climbing down at the gym, since apparently I'm a glutton for punishment.  My body is pretty sore today!
Knitting time has been in abundance, and for my Poseidon Shawl, the light at the end of the long and dark tunnel has finally begun to glimmer!

A couple of movie nights got me through a large part of the YO-K2tog section, and I've only got a handful of rounds more before doubling the amount of stitches I have and binding off!  I'm not terribly excited for that part- I will have over 1100 stitches for the final bind-off, but the fact that it's this close to done is ridiculously exciting for me!
Today I'm taking a full rest day for my body (it's loudly protesting most movement), so hopefully I'll be well rested and ready for running in the Mustache March Race tomorrow!  It's right along the very snow-covered lakewalk I slogged along a couple days ago, so hopefully  it will be cleared of snow by then, or that race will become more of a fast trot/snow jog... :)

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Mark said...

I once (stupidly) noted that any guided white water river trip that does not require your signature that 'in case of death' you won't sue can't be enough fun to paddle. But at least the rivers did not have NAMES like "Casket Quarry"! Paperwork to hit the rapids is one thing, but if the NAME of the river was "Plunge to Death", that MIGHT be a clue to choose another!