Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not Feeling It

It was a long weekend filled with work, guests staying at my place, and my first PADI diver course on Saturday night with my brother.  I knew that I still had to stick to some sort of working out schedule to keep training, even when I ended work today a little crabby and hungry with no motivation to get on any thing hard.  Well, more like no motivation for anything at all, to be honest.
Instead, I grit my teeth and tried a new 5.12 on lead, and worked on an overhanging 5.11 with a reachy traverse.  I also ran a few other 5.11s and hard 5.10s, just to get a strong burn in for the night.  I biked home in a strong head wind, growling unhappily the entire time.  By the time I got home and boiled water for macaroni and cheese for dinner, I couldn't do more than collapse on the couch with a book and a glass of wine.  Despite my sore arms, I was actually pretty happy that I pushed through no motivation to get some climbing in.  
One of my favorite female climbers is Steph Davis, and this short interview with her is what I keep in mind on days like this.  In order to have really good days become really great days, you have to climb through sub-par days with just as much dedication to gain a strong foundation.  Even though I wanted nothing more than to go home and have a relaxing evening with a book or knitting, I knew that it would be better in the long run if I get at least a couple hours on the end of a rope.  

Now my arms are sore, but at least I climbed for a couple hours.  Dedication, right?

Time to knit and relax.  

Oh, and watch some climbing movies. :)

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Mark said...

Loved the Steph Davis interview link with her analogy to playing music (her other main passion). Hopefully her entire inspirational thought gets "played out" (literally), given your "music foundation" with all the talent & options you have to make music rather than mittens or hats etc (when moved to do so). I don't mean that I expect to see you knit an oboe warmers or fiddle protector. I just wonder if your full foundation 'repertoire' helps you get thru the days when you are 'off.' At my age, I'm 'off' on a daily/hourly basis. I seek 'minutes' when I'm 'on.' :-)