Sunday, February 26, 2012

FO: T-Shirt Quilt!

A windy and cold night last night allowed me to throw on season 5 of "The Office", stretch out, make my Tshirt "sandwich" and pin the bias tape around the edge of my quilt:

Which led to the tips of my fingers getting raw from pushing in teeny pins, but allowed me to leave just a few lines of pinning and quilting this morning.  Just as my coffee ran out, I cut the last line of thread from my machine to the quilt, trimmed a few loose ends, and was finally able to let out a "Huzzah!" as I finally tucked my finished quilt on my bed:

It's got a super thick layer of squishy batting in the middle, and with my bedroom window letting at least a little cold air in, I'm excited for it to keep me warm at night!
If I don't want the shirt side showing for some reason- a change of pace?- the flip side of the quilt is a bright splash of turquoise and purples that will brighten even the dreariest of northern Minnesotan days.  
I'll be the first to admit that it's not perfectly sewn (some of the bias tape around the edge was unruly) but for my first quilt, and for one that I've been meaning to make for a very long time, I'm super excited to finish it!  I have a lot of people and memories connected to each of the squares, and I feel like this is a great way to remember and connect to all of them.  Tonight I'm going to toast with a glass of wine to finishing my big T-shirt quilt- one of my "12 in 2012"!


Mark said...

I recall donating a sweatshirt with 'ice sailboat' embroidered on it, & some others (Prince Edward Island, etc), but clearly you had enough without donations for your fantastic quilt (LOVE it). Did those donations go to Salvation Army, or will a 2nd quilt ever be possible as a future break from all your knitting?

Mark said...

You had a sweatshirt from Austria for the insane sport we signed up for but couldn't do when somebody one group before us broke their arm due to winds crashing their parachute rig (I forget the word in German). Is that one in your quilt?