Thursday, March 22, 2012

Little List Maker

I've read over and over that it's important to do something several times to get it into your routine so you'll do it again.  This is especially important for exercising- running, doing yoga or stretching in the morning, or sit-ups or small workouts.  I've tried this approach several times, and usually within a week or two I fall out and rely on just dancing, climbing, and commuting to keep me in shape.  This isn't going to be enough for my summer trip, and over the last few weeks I've finally found out what keeps me dedicated.  Simple, really- I should have realized it earlier!
I'm a huge list-maker (always have been), and to hold myself accountable with little checkmarks has worked for years for schoolwork, so I'm transferring it to my running!  I've been picking my 4 climbing days per week based on my work schedule, then work cardio and other working-out time around that, which I plan in my regular black moleskin planner.  I then have a little purple moleskin notebook that I write the date and what I actually do each day.  It's pretty disheartening to have to write in "rest day" more than once a week, so it's been great to make sure I stay on track.  Woowoo!
As for knitting, I've mostly been working lately on gifts and barter items for other people, and I finished the first handwarmer from the Susie's Reading Mitts pattern last night.  These are for Cassie, who runs the office down at the dance studio I work at, and I'm hoping they'll be something nice and warm for her when it's chilly in the middle of the winter at the studio!  I'm sewing a bag for Stacey, and hopefully I'll have time to lay out the fabric and cut the pieces out tonight after rehearsal.  The recital time is creeping closer, and once competition starts I'm going to have even less time for at-home projects as I go around the state to support my girls. :)
Tomorrow I'll hopefully be getting some time for knitting at a "pajama party" that my local yarn store is holding, so maybe I'll get a complete project out of that!  After I run... and climb... and tap some more... ;)  BAAAAAH TRAINING!!!  

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