Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mustache Run!

The first annual Mustache March Run was yesterday down on the lakewalk, and despite the fact that it had snowed another 8 inches overnight, plus it didn't stop snowing the rest of the day or during the run, 350 people donned long underwear, running gear, costumes, and of course mustaches to run the 2.65 miles!  I joined in on the fun with bright pink long underwear, very worn and loved pink legwarmers made a long time ago by my friend Red, a headband to cover my ears, and a stylish 'bandit' mustache for fun! I was nervous about this race since I haven't done a lot of cardio this winter, but it ended up being a beautiful race with big fat snowflakes falling on me the entire time, no wind to freeze my face, and a steady running pace that I kept up the entire time I was running!  

Normally I'm a terrible runner, with most of my downfall being my breathing and my mental game.  I was excited that this race tested both.  I got two mild side-aches during the race, but countered it with deeper controlled breaths and a little slower jog until it abated.  I also keep up a very active inner voice when I am doing something difficult (all running included).  I figured I'd have to make bargains with myself (one more half mile, and I can take a short walking break!) but it turned out to be such a beautiful run I didn't have to do anything of the sort!  I simply enjoyed the run, jogged slower when I needed to, then even sped up and pushed my pace near the end as the finish line came in sight!  This is the first race where I kept up a running pace the entire time, no stops for side-aches and breathing or being upset.  I'll just have to keep signing up for more as motivation to keep running!
I think a huge part of the success can be attributed to my mental climbing game- I've gotten much better at staying calm and breathing through difficult sections of climbs instead of getting upset and tight and wasting energy.  This is going to be super key for further success in both climbing and any form of cardio I do.  
I also walked the two miles from my house to the race, then walked to Pizza Luce for the free beer for racers and then walked the 2 1/2 miles home through non-shoveled deep sidewalks.  I was utterly exhausted when I finally got home, scarfing down a whole box of mac and cheese before zonking out.
The only pic I have so far from the race is this one, right after I got inside from finishing the race:
showing off my mustache and excited for a mug shot! :)
Today was working and recovering, and finally- FINALLY- finishing the Poseidon's Adventure Shawl!!
It went from looking like a giant amoeba on the needles to 3 hours of binding off 1108 stitches to this:
a big blog just waiting for some blocking.  I'll block it tomorrow on my bed, since that's the only place big enough where I can also keep the kittens away.  
I'll boulder a bit tonight to loosen up my back muscles, then perhaps a short run tomorrow since I'm in a good running swing right now!  Woowoo, runs!


Samantha said...

Yay! That's fabulous! The mental game is SO MUCH of running sometimes. I'm glad you have fun!

Mark said...

Does the Norwegian Dale have more stiches than the Irish Shawl's 1108? If you apply your mental climbing game to running (which is insane), then how about knitting on insane projects? Is the method to your madness really all about "staying calm and breathing through difficult sections.." or is it in truth the FREE BEER?

Mark said...

If the latter, we shall celebrate the completion of the Dale with Norwegian Beer (which will take a lot of effort to find in the USA; hopefully I'm not committing to airfare to Norway).