Friday, February 3, 2012

Sneaky sneaky, Sir...

It was my first morning off in awhile, and I spent it making lists, cleaning the apartment for company this weekend, and running errands.  It was while out at Target, passing by the section with Yoga mats, that my brain process went something like this:

So glad I did some yoga stretches this morning.  Glad I'm teaching dance.  Wow, lots of movies on working out.  I should pull my jump rope out and do that when I get home for cardio.  Goodness knows I need it.
Heck, it's 54 degrees out.  Maybe I'll go for my first run in months.
Hah, running.  Silly runners.
It's February.  Something is coming up soon I feel like I need to remember.  Something about running...

The uneasy feeling stayed with me until I was looking at the movie section and it hit me like a piano in an old black and white movie being dropped from a roof.
I'm running in the Mustache March Run, a fun run starting up this year in Duluth.  The key to that statement is "March"- as in, one month away.  As in, I haven't really run seriously since I almost died in the 5K I did back in September.  Heck, I'll be honest- I haven't actually run at all except like one or two runs after I did that 5K.  I'm not in "bad" shape, but I'm not in any form of running/cardio shape- AT ALL.  I realize that this is a "fun run" of only 2.65 miles, but I don't want to get to the end wheezing and holding my side like a complete noob.

The fact that this run snuck up on me and surprised me makes me mildly irked.  Guess it's time to pull out my running shoes again, no matter what the temperature outside is.  Come March 3rd, I'm strapping a fake mustache on my face for this run, and I'm determined to comfortably run this with energy to spare when I'm done.

Take that, body.

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