Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Update

I've had a great couple of days off, spending time with friends, walking, climbing, watching movies, and getting some kitten and knitting time in!  I haven't had a full weekend off in awhile, so taking a few days to unwind and get things done- plus a little relaxation time- was great.

I've been able to work on quite a few of my knitting projects this weekend, all of them in completely different states of completeness.

First are the Addiction socks.  I've been trying to only work on these while watching either True Blood or when at movie nights with friends.  Since I finished the third season of True Blood awhile ago and I haven't had much time for movie nights lately, these have been sitting at the bottom of the cuff for awhile.  Never fear!   A few episodes last night with my old friends Sarah and Heather got me past the heel and into the foot, and this will pack easily if I bring it as travel knitting.  This is part of my "12 in 2012"- I want to knit 4 pairs of socks, and this is pair number one.

Next up is my Honey Quilt, which has been lying dormant for awhile as I finished up on some gift knitting (such as the Cowl for a Painting I just blogged about)!  I've added a few more puffs, and though not up to a couple dozen quite yet I'm on my way.  I really want to do at least one puff a day for the month of February- kind of a lofty goal with how busy I am, but I feel like it'll be a good rhythm and good motivation for me.  There's a lot to go before it gets to quilt size, but every puff counts...

My Poseidon's Adventure shawl has been slowly but surely growing as I finally eased into the millions of YO, K2tog stitches as they repeat and repeat and repeat and burn into my brain.  I'm adding little purple beads as I go, helping to break the monotony.  I'm actually a little worried that I'm going to run out of beads way before I reach even halfway through the netting part of the shawl, but I'll do what I can with what I have.  It's actually been really nice brainless knitting so far, and it's really cool to see it grow.  This is also part of my "12 in 2012", and one that I've been enjoying tremendously!
I was lucky enough to take a trip to Yarn Harbor with my friends yesterday to spend some time petting pretty yarn and imagining projects, and I accidently brought home two skeins of some delicious sport weight prime Alpaca yarn...

There may be enough for a cardigan.  I'm not confirming or denying anything.  These things happen when you're surrounded by encouraging friends. :)
As my Sunday starts to wind down, I'm looking forward to Tofu stir fry tonight, followed by knitting and a movie.  It's amazing how sometimes it's really the simple things that make me utterly content.
Now if only I can decide exactly which pattern to use my new yarn on... this one?  Or this one??

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