Saturday, February 4, 2012

FO: Cowl for a Painting

It was finally nice enough this morning to get some pictures with a finished Cowl I'm bartering for an original painting!

Pattern: A Grey Loop by Helen G
Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed in DK
Needles: Size 8
Duration: January 17th - February 1st

Modifications: I accidentely got one twist in the cowl, but it looks really good with it when doubled up.  If I was going to twist a project, this was the one to do it.
Made For: My brother's girlfriend, Kendra- an amazing artist!!
Worst Part: I'm a little nervous that this cowl will be too scratchy- she has no wool allergies, so that's my hope!
Best Part: I really love how it looks when doubled up!  I might have to make my own with a different color...
Girl's weekend with more knitting- I'll try not to eat too much junk food, but no promises... ;)

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Mark said...

Does my Dale have any "accidental twists" in it?