Friday, January 27, 2012

FO: Fall Foliage in Winter

Something is finally happening outside... 
It's not necessarily the first snow of the year (and hopefully won't be the last) but it's falling thick and heavy, catching on my eyelashes and on my tongue.  I was out dancing in it for awhile, then remembered that I had a finished hat in need of pictures before I give it away at the perfect time!
Pattern: Foliage, by Emilee Mooney.  Available for free at
Yarn: Squishy Malabrigo Merino in Worsted Weight- color is "Noviembre".
Needles: Knit on bamboo size 7.
Time: I don't actually remember when I started this (and didn't properly document it on Ravelry!) but I remember it was early January-January 25th, 2012.
Recipient: Fellow VE employee Valerie- dark hair and hazel eyes will compliment the colors in this hat well.
Modifications: None, though I wish I would have done one less repeat of the leaf pattern.  I did that the first time when I made this hat eons ago, and I should have checked my notes to do it again this time.
Worst Part: It took much longer than it should have to make this- should have only been a few days at most, but moving and no time meant a longer time period to finish.  
Best Part: Easily working with the Malabrigo- I love this particular combination of colors! 
 Off to go watch the snow fall and finish my cup of green tea- perfect for a day like this.  Then off to climb before my night shift at the climbing gym... need to stretch my muscles at the end of a long week!

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