Sunday, February 19, 2012

Getting There

It's been a pretty productive week for me thus far, craft-wise.  I hit some milestones that felt really good, as if I'm actually getting stuff done (Ha!).

I finally hit 25 hexipuffs in my Honey Quilt project!  After a long hiatus, I picked up doing at least one hexipuff a day this last week, and it felt really good to see them all laid out, taking up a fair amount of space.  Granted, I'm going for about 400 hexipuffs, but hitting that first milestone felt like this project is actually do-able.

We had quite a snowfall mid-week, and I enjoyed a night at home watching Albert start to come out of his shell! He's been hiding under the couch thus far, but since he's getting fatter bigger, it's harder and harder for him to fit. He is, however, beginning to take after his owners:

showing his climbing prowess on our window.  While he tottered around the apartment, playing with Maeby, I cut the last piece out for my High School/College T-shirt blanket and laid out the final design.

I'm pretty excited to get going on interfacing and piecing this thing together!  (All right, I'm pretending to be excited about interfacing, which is dull work, in order to get myself excited for a finished product.  See?  Tricking myself.  Never Occasionally Sometimes, it works.)

I also finally got the material to make the bag for Stacey, the head of my dance studio.  It's pretty bright, and I know Stacey will love the pinks and purples together!
After chilly and snow mid-week, it's finally sunny out with a high up to 40 outside- really weird weather for February, but I'm going to take it.  A whole day off today means biking down to the climbing gym, getting a good burn in, then off to my brother's house for homemade Chili and hanging out in the sun (40 degrees in MN means outside in cutoffs and a sweatshirt, enjoying the sun).  Perhaps some time tonight to interface a couple of squares- YUCK Bah Woohoo!
Happy Sunday.  :)

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