Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Flurry

I've been a flurry of activity since I last wrote, in several different ways.  On Friday, I did a run, went climbing for a bit, and after the rain stopped briefly, ventured to the Duluth version of the "Shire" for a Hobbit-esque wedding of a good friend!

Val and Jake got married in a gorgeous wedding up on Woodland Avenue, which is high enough on the top of the hill to have an amazing overview of Lake Superior.  
It had been drizzling and raining and even hailing all day on Friday, but when the wedding started at 7, it was simply overcast, and stayed that way for the remainder of the night.
Scott and I were decked in our finest- covered by raincoats, of course. :)  It was a great time- live band, beer from local breweries as well as brewed by the bride (using Scott's brewing equipment!), and lots of good people.  
Yesterday I finally got down to business, pulling out all the supplies to make goodie bags for my Monday night dance students.  
You can see Maeby not helping next to the box I had to hide the gift bags in.  She kept trying to eat the ribbons I was tying the bags with, and even nosing the box open when I closed it to keep her away.  There were so many bright and shiny things for her to chew on- it was like kitten-heaven and Katie-nightmare as I tried to keep her out of trouble.  I finally ended up throwing her in the bedroom and closing the door until I was done.  Bothersome little girl...
This morning I cast off for the second Platinum tap cowl, and I'll be casting on for the third and last one in early evening after Scott and I get back from climbing outside a bit today.  I need to finish it tonight... so no big rush, of course!  The sun is out for the first time in... a week?  We're going to stay in town by heading over to the Whopee Wall to climb some easy trad for our first day trad leading.  We would go to Ely's Peak (bigger walls), but the cracks there will be seeping from the recent rain- plus at this time of year they're filled with hornets.  Not very nice. :)
Still so many projects to finish before dance stuff, and not much time!  My parents are coming up tomorrow morning for a couple of days of Duluth hospitality, so hopefully we'll get outside for some hiking, some hang out time, and bring them to the new brewing places in town.  Tasty!
One more cup of coffee and I'm outside.  These sunny days seem to be few and far in between right now.  Gotta grab them while they're here...

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