Thursday, May 30, 2013

End-of-Year Crazy

(They pretty much don't leave the window, now that it's almost warm enough to leave it open all the time.  Almost.)
I alluded yesterday to a project that I have a very tight deadline on.
Well, I didn't really mention how tight.
The end of the dance year is always fun and bittersweet all at the same time.  I love the big recital at the end of the year, even though it can often be chaotic, crazy, and stressful.  I also have to say goodbye to my seniors.  I've been lucky the last two years- I've only had one senior per year leave.  This year, however, my entire top line is graduating, which will leave me a blubbery mess on recital night.
I wanted to give these girls something that really said "thank you" for all of their hard work, late nights, and dealing with me yelling "5, 6, 7, 8!" over the last 3 years at them.  Nothing seemed quite right... until an epiphany hit me yesterday.  At DSW.  While helping Scott pick out some "grown-up shoes".
What better to say thank you than with a knitted good?
Since I like giving gifts the last week of class, and NOT the night of the recital (which can be super chaotic and things can be lost and forgotten by accident), that means I have exactly 4 days to finish 3 cowls.  I decided on making the good 'ol Marian cowls, since they knit up super super fast, and it seems like every teenage girl today is wearing a cowl.
I had Scott stop at Yarn Harbor with me yesterday before sitting down last night and knocking my first one off the needles by 10 pm.
I got home from my teacher training day today (How to be a Great Online Instructor!) and cast on for the second cowl.

Three cowls in four days?  Pschhhhhhhhh.  No problem.
My only problem will be balancing them with dance tonight, teacher training tomorrow, a wedding tomorrow night (can't bring white merino yarn to an outdoor wedding), a closing shift at the climbing gym on Saturday, possibly climbing on Sunday, and putting together the thank-you gifts for my other Monday night classes (ballet and non-competition tap).
Oh, and starting to assemble these:

20 little Pan Am bags for my middle-school tap dancing stewardesses.
Bah, it'll be fine! :)

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