Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Finally summer?

After getting back to Duluth, I've been keeping busy with a lot of household chores, cleaning, getting back into running (and working out in general), and choreographing for this week's competition auditions for my dancers.
For starters, the garden needed planting...

after the night temps finally have reached warmer than 40 degrees.  I'm really excited for this year's crop- we have big tomatoes and roma tomatoes, peas (can you see the trellis on the upper right?), broccoli, mint, and a slew of other tasty veggies that will hopefully spring up within the next month here.  Our weather forced a (very) late start for a lot of these plants, but hopefully there's enough summer left to get a full crop!  There's just enough room on the deck leftover for two deck chairs and a small table, which are perfect for eating lunch outside!

I've had a fair amount of take-out lately, and I'm trying to turn that around a little bit.  Today is my favorite: grilled cheese with spinach and avocado- nom!

I even got a little knitting time on the deck, and finally got into the third color on my Spring Affection shawl!
Can you see it, down in the lower left hand part of the shawl?  The turquoise is a nice addition, and I can't wait for these rows to multiply and the color to really hit you!  The shawl itself is miles and miles of garter stitch, but the colors switch enough that it's not terribly boring...
Scott and I are taking a short jaunt out to the Devil's Tower in Wyoming next week to get a few days of awesome trad climbing in, and I can't decide whether I should take this shawl along for my car and camping knitting or bring along Christmas knitting.  Logically, a lot of time in the car will be great for getting a start on some Christmas knitting.
But really... I kind of want to enjoy knitting a little for myself ;)

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