Monday, June 24, 2013

Birthday Week!

I headed down for a quick cities trip this past Friday and Saturday to see my two oldest friends- Heather had flown in from Denmark for a little bit (she's living there for a couple years while her husband teaches at a university there), and Sarah took the night off from babysitting.  We had an amazing time- talking, shopping, breakfast at a local bakery, and crazy news all came about in a couple of days.  I haven't had girl time in awhile, so this was a fantastic treat.
When I got home, I was incredibly surprised to see that Scott had done a little decorating when I was gone, commencing my "Birthday Week"! :)

My birthday is officially tomorrow, on the 25th, but since I've been big on celebrating birthdays more than just on the birthday (it's important to celebrate the important people in our lives!), he's followed suit by doing the same!  I've gotten things to unwrap- a bottle of wine after a full day at the climbing gym on Sunday, a bag of Caribou Coffee beans this morning, the second season of Game of Thrones on DVD Saturday night- and it isn't even my birthday yet!  I feel very spoiled, and very lucky to have an awesome guy like him in my life. :)
Tonight we're heading up to Tofte to drop our kittens off with Scott's Mom before heading off to Devil's Tower to do a bunch of climbing!  We'll be stopping in the Twin Cities tomorrow for birthday dinner with my Mom, brother, and his girlfriend before shooting across South Dakota all day on Wednesday.
I'm really excited- climbing trip for my birthday week?
Yes, please. :)

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