Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dance and Onward!

My dance season is pretty much wrapped up for the year!  Gifts were given out, dress rehearsal went fairly smooth, and my ladies all performed their pieces for the last time.
I'm going to miss the dances I choreographed this year- both the younger groups were a lot of fun to choreograph, and both were great to watch the kids get in to.

Jet Set went incredibly well, and I think I'm getting better at choreographing for this age group and ability level.  It's harder than you'd think...

Newsies was probably my favorite number I choreographed this year, and I'm going to miss this one.  The girls did such a great job with it, and looked great- it'll be hard topping that next year.
I definitely was crying at the end of the recital when Stacey was saying a goodbye to the seniors, and after the curtains closed I had a big tearful hug with my three seniors graduating on my top line.

These girls were amazing over my last 3 years with them, and I'm really going to miss them.  It's always hard to say goodbye to dance at the end of the year, but these ladies made it amazing this year!
I went down to my parent's house on Sunday to see my Dad one last time before he heads back to Florida for a bit.  This was less a "fun" visit than last time, and more a "get crap done" visit.  We spent Sunday cleaning out our giant attic space in the garage, and I got to be the voice of reason to help my parents sort through tons of crap that has piled up over the years.  They're putting our house back up on the market this summer, and with my Dad there, they had time to help their potential move down the road by getting rid of pounds of stuff they don't need.  My aunt is having a huge garage sale in a couple days, and we wanted to get our stuff over there before it starts on Thursday.  We did more cleaning and sorting yesterday, but when it cleared up later in the evening, we had to get a boat ride in around the lake!

It was beautiful out- warm, but not too hot, and the lake was nice and quiet for the evening.

I brought along the Spring Affection shawl, which is coming along rather nicely, and got some more rows done while out on the water.  Hard to beat a view like that while doing easy garter rows.

It was also fantastic to get some great family time in- with my parents in Florida for so long, and my brother and I working, we haven't had just-family time in awhile, so that was fantastic to get in.

And boating in with the sun setting in the background... hard to beat that. :)


Mark said...

say, there, dear daughter.... sorry that I forgot to thank you for being the 'voice of reason' for us. 'Twas more like a judge flashing up signs that said 'junk' or 'keep.' The hardest one for me was our panniers that we used for 3 weeks of pub-2-pub bicycling in Wales on our honeymoon, & numerous other bike trips in Europe. They were dead, but at least we killed them with lots of fun usage! I was hoping you'd say you & Scott may want to eke out the last they had in them.

Mark said...

I can see how the Jet Set outfits won a prize. uff-da! Very cute. 'Catch me if you can' comes to mind (worth reading the book, but the movie certainly was great too).