Saturday, June 15, 2013

Garage Sale!

The end of my visit to the Twin Cities was helping my family put together a big garage sale!  This meant there was time spent with my Mom cleaning out cupboards, as well as going through my own closets, drawers, book collection, and clothes that have been sitting at my parent's house for awhile now.  I got rid of 99% of the things I had down there, which felt awesome to purge!
Bright and early Thursday morning (and boy do I mean early), my mom, my aunt, my cousin, two family friends and I all lugged 5 family's worth of stuff outside for the big Long Lake city-wide garage sale.

The stuff spread onto my aunt's lawn and over in the driveway of the house next door!  We were busy within minutes of opening, negotiating and laughing with people out for the day and drinking strong coffee as the sun started to warm everything up.

My aunt had stolen all the Grad Party signs from my cousin on her way out of his grad party a weekend ago, and she put them to good use in advertisement!

She also made sure that those of us working the money table and helping lug stuff out to cars were well taken care of- including several pots of tasty coffee, a full fruit platter, mini loaves of banana bread straight from the oven, and even a round of Bloody Marys around 11 when things started to slow down!  Gotta garage sale in style, after all... :)
I scored pretty big from my relative's cast offs!  Besides clothes, I got a bunch of new artwork, a beautiful queen-sized comforter, a new set of bright yellow dishes to replace my hand-me-down set, and a great bright red table-and-chairs set that my cousin's going to haul up next weekend!  It needs a new paint job, but other than that it's in fine shape and will fit perfectly in our little apartment!  I'm pretty excited- I can finally get rid of our folding chairs and makeshift table.  Huzzah! :)

Besides that, I also got some family hand-me-downs, including my Grandma's old Aebleskiver pan and waffle maker.  My Mom had a wok buried in the back cabinet as well, which means lots more tasty thai dishes for Scott and I!
It was so busy at the garage sale that I got absolutely no knitting done, but I'm a few rows away from adding my third and last color to the spring affection shawl.  Hoping to get at least to adding that color today.  Also hoping to get out for a run if the weather stays nice- haven't done that in awhile, and I can feel it.  Bleh.
Time to go hunt down my grandma's old aebleskiver recipe...

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