Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer List

I wrapped up my dance season on Saturday, and took the last couple of days easy.  Sunday was a hot, humid day, so I ran errands with S, stopped at the bookstore and sipped an iced white chocolate mocha while starting a new book, had a burrito out in the sun (and burned my shoulders after only a half-hour outside), and finished the night with a movie (Prometheus- awesome special effects) and some pizza.  After work yesterday, I finished my book, hung out with my kittens and a climber friend, and started going through my closet in preparation for a clothing exchange I'll be hosting.
While going through clothes last night, I realized that I had the whole summer ahead of me, and a lot to get done before the semester starts.  I also have a lot of fun stuff to get in.  Thus, I made a small list of things to do this summer, with a large range of stuff to accomplish (or not accomplish, as it were)!

1- Cook for myself (and possibly S) at least once a week.
2- Have at least one picnic down by Lake Superior.
3- Ride my bike everywhere, unless it's absolutely pouring outside.
4- Run 2-3 days a week outside.
5- Complete Stacey's bag (sewing project).
6- Have a movie marathon day when it's storming outside.  Bonus points if all snacks consumed are healthy.
7- Finish S's sweater for the Knitting Olympics.
8- Finish the body of my Dad's Dale of Norway by the end of August.
9- Lead El Matador on Devil's Tower (5.10b) and Mr. Lean at Palisade Head (5.11d) on gear.
10- Send at least 4 pieces of mail per week to various friends and family.
11- Go to Duluth's "Movies in the Park" and watch a movie under the stars.
12- Visit my friends that homestead and learn a little about homesteading.
13- Learn some duets on fiddle (me) and guitar (S).
14- Get my library card "OK" again and begin checking books out of library again.
15- Pick all the music for my tap competition lines next year- START CHOREOGRAPHING
16- Make our apartment more of a home.
17- Paint!
18- Work on writing my kid's book with my Mom
19- Visit friends in the cities at least a few times this summer.
20- Prepare everything for the start of fall semester.

I figure 20 is a good amount of stuff, especially when some will be easy to tick off and some will be incredibly difficult.  Summer is a time to both get things done and slow down to enjoy life.  Being gone through the whole month of July will be incredible for my climbing trip, giving me some much-needed "away" time from the working world.
Duluth is also an amazing city to summer in.  Many locals (myself included) state that we put up with the long, dark, and very cold winters for the incredibly perfect Duluth summer weather.
I'm pretty excited to have started my summer.  :)
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