Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mess of Stuff

It's been an interesting week up here.  S got supremely sick starting Monday with pretty much everything at once- flu and cold and stomach flu for two days, then sore throat, cold, cough, and being zonked for another couple of days.  He's finally starting to get up and move around a little today without coughing up too much grossness.  Poor guy!
His week has been spent moving from the bed to the couch, watching Netflix on the Nook, being partially force-fed soup by me, and taking naps with kittens piled on top of him:

The kittens seemed to take a leaf out of his book and proceeded to snuggle up as much as possible too!

Aww, so cute when they're not eating my wool or tearing apart the house. :)
Speaking of, I've spent the time tearing apart my own house.  After spending way too much time pinning really pretty house layouts and decorations on Pinterest, and due to a stormy day off on Thursday, I proceeded to clean off my entire art desk, move around two bookshelves, and started to redecorate the entire apartment so it feels more so like a real home and not just another "stop" in the line of apartments I've lived in.  Plus, living with someone that actually helps keep it clean is a huge plus. ;)
Due to all the redecorating, the apartment is a bit of a mess right now- piles of books as I move around shelves, picture frames hanging out on the floor until I hang them, and poor S trying to find a place to nap a midst the chaos.  It doesn't help that I also have a clothing exchange planned for Wednesday night at my place, which means I've been tearing my closet apart in an attempt to get rid of as many clothes as I can!  The only room in the house that's clean is the kitchen.  By hosting the clothing exchange, it's good motivation for me to finish cleaning everything else. :)
In the middle of all of it, I took time off yesterday evening to run the William Irvin 5K in 85 degree heat and humidity.
I was lucky enough to get a pre-race picture:

where I still look dignified healthy.  I did not get a post-race picture, due to my lobster-like red heated body and crazy frizzy hair as I guzzled water in an attempt to hydrate myself.  It was an extremely hot race, and I probably pushed it harder than I should have, but I did end up with a time of 30:49, averaging just under 10 minute miles!  I was pretty happy with that, and it gives me even more motivation to enter more races in a sneaky attempt to keep myself in cardio shape.
Today is hopefully a lot of knitting time as the whole of Duluth is completely taken over by Grandma's Marathon runners, families, and spectators.  It's a fun event, and I was able to watch the Kenyans take first, second, and third place before I had to scootch through the crowds over to work.
(I don't think I'll ever do a full marathon.  Maybe a half, if someone signs up with me and runs with me the whole time.  Even then it will be a struggle.)

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