Friday, June 22, 2012

Rainy Day Activities

While the rain poured down outside, I was able to get more snowflakes knit and blocked for the Snowflake Shawl!

I only had room to block four at a time, and with the humid, damp air it took a long time for them to dry.  I have two left to block, and only ONE left to knit before I can start working on the background for them!  Suddenly this project doesn't seem quite as ominous as I first thought.
One of my favorite snowflakes so far has to be this one:

Lots of pretty points, and a smaller point inside each one makes for a beautiful piece of art.  If I had any extra time (and yarn), I would make some of these to just hang up around the apartment for Christmas decorations (high away from kitten paws).  We'll see if that actually happens.
Remember awhile back when I made this cowl for my brother's girlfriend as part of a barter?  Well, over Grandma's Marathon weekend she came up and delivered my painting!

I absolutely love it- it's about three feet high and a foot wide, and depicts the northern lights above a tree line.    There's a textured cliff on the right side of the painting.  It goes perfectly next to the dining room table, and I couldn't be happier with this particular barter!
I'm heading to the Twin Cities this weekend to spend time with my Mom and friends, and I'm really looking forward to a break from work and some hang-out time by the lake.  My birthday is Monday when I get back, and after a week of work I'll be off on my summer climbing trip to Wyoming!!  I can't believe summer is going by so fast already- before I know it, I'll be preparing my lessons for the school year and working furiously on my sweater for the Ravelympics.
When I think about that, I'm glad that I take time off for a long vacation to really get out and enjoy myself. :)  I'm extremely lucky that I have a job where I can take that time- and goodness knows I take advantage of it!
Have a great Friday, everyone!

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