Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bad Kitty

Lately, Maeby has really grown to accept her kitten-ness and spent the last month or two pushing her boundaries around the apartment.  She's up on the kitchen counter, in the closet pulling down dresses that have strings hanging off of them, and basically being a pest anywhere she possibly can.
I learned right away with her that yarn was not safe to be left out overnight.  S and I have already learned that food left on the counter or coffee table for more than a minute is not safe.
Tonight, despite all prior warnings, I walked away from the baby hat I'm knitting, leaving a squishy ball of the Sublime cashmere merino silk safely in a ball on the couch as I went to the kitchen to put the spaghetti noodles in a boiling pot of water.
Alas, it was a minute too long.
In that time, Maeby (with some help from Albert) managed to tear around half the living room with the yarn in her mouth, which she promptly chewed apart and then proceeded to swallow about a foot of (which she yacked out and I had to pull out of her throat and mouth- yuck!).  I then had to rewind the entire rest of the ball of yarn that was strewn around the apartment.  Luckily, I was pretty close to the end of the hat, and there wasn't a ton of yarn left.
The point was still made.
8 month old rambunctious kitten and anything not glued down or locked away is not safe.
ESPECIALLY not yarn.

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