Thursday, June 28, 2012

Birthday Weekend!

I spent my weekend down at my parent's house in the Twin Cities, and was treated to a few fun surprises!  I got to check out a small-town fair, complete with an amateur waterskiing exhibition.

It was great fun to watch- they did a great job with all their tricks, but sometimes it was even funnier when someone would fall off and a whole pyramid of people would collapse in the water.  Great fun!
The Twin Cities is also consistently about twenty degrees warmer in temperature than Duluth, and it actually felt like summer down there.  I wore my shorts and tank tops, and felt hot for the first time.  Luckily my brother had a fun little ride to cruise around in, courtesy of his roommate!

It's a little "Midget MG", and I have no idea what year or any other info about it, but it was great fun to zip around the back roads of the island, laughing at the ridiculous little car.  I could touch the back wheel from the passenger seat!  Now that my brother is an engineer with an official job, he joked that his first "fun" purchase may be one of these little cars.  I'd have to borrow it for joy rides, though that means I'd have to learn to drive stick... bleh...

It was even warm enough to go out on Lake Superior on my aunt's pontoon boat for some hang-out time with family and extended family.  My cousin B and I were brave enough to jump in Lake Minnetonka, with our thick Duluth blood making the water seem balmy (after that first initial jolt of f*^%ing freezing chilly water)!

My birthday was on Monday, and my Mom had to make me the traditional angel food birthday cake that coupled well with raspberries (and later lingdonberry jam when I got home).
Monday was a relaxing and fun birthday day- I had the day off, and got spoiled by S.  He made me french toast in the morning, stuffed with brie and raspberries!  We did some climbing, went to Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, and got fancy dinner at the Zeitgeist before a beautiful evening bike ride home.

S got me the perfect gift for our upcoming adventure- a 3.5 pound Granite Gear woman's pack, with comfortable shoulder and hip pads that fit my long torso perfectly!  I've been using my Men's medium ice climbing-specific pack for backpacking trips so far, so having a real backcountry backpack is like a breath of fresh air for me.  It makes me even MORE excited for Wyoming, which is quickly approaching!
All in all, a pretty fantastic weekend followed by a chill and fun birthday Monday.
A girl couldn't ask for much more. :)

EDIT: Sorry for using the adjective "great" so much.  I should make a list of "positive" words and continuously go off of that instead of mentioning that everything is always "great".  Bleh.  :)

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