Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend in Mound

It's been a really fun weekend at my parent's house! Besides hanging out, watching some movies, it's been fantastic to see my Dad while he's up from Florida! My parents found a house they really like in Florida, and hopefully their bid will be accepted in the next couple of months here so they can start setting themselves up down where they will be enjoy the warmth.
I was able to finish knitting the Owl Mittens for Stacey, and I'll be sewing the beads in for eyes when I get back to Duluth. I also finished the shoulders on the Vivian sweater, and have been scouring Ravelry for beta on making the hood bigger.
Looks like I'll be doing a few more rows of increases to make the hood deeper, as well as a lot of extra rows for the height. One person in particular mentioned that they added up to 30 extra rows to the hood in the pattern, and I really like how big it ended up on her sweater so I might do the same. I'm really excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel for this project- I promised myself I'm not casting on for any more sweaters until I finish this one since it's so ridiculously close!
Today my good friend Heather and I ventured to a local yarn store called Yarn Garage. It was really cool, with yarn spilling all over the place. I picked up two skeins of Sublime Merino organic yarn in pink and two in a pretty natural brownish- one color for myself for a cowl and the others for a possible present. Om nom!
My Mom and I going to start season one of Glee- I'm a little nervous I'm going to get completely hooked. Going to keep trucking on the Vivian hood- hopefully I'll finish it soon... too much to hope for to get it done by Monday... perhaps?? :)

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