Thursday, May 19, 2011


Last Thursday, I walked happily across the stage for my Masters Degree in English at Graduation!
It was especially cool, because I got to have all the people there that mattered to me most, including fellow graduate and knitting pal Cheryl,
the always supportive BF,
and my Mom and my Brother, with my Dad there in spirit.
Afterwards, a trip to Green Mill for celebration was necessary, along with a cake only English Graduates would love and margaritas all around. :)
Since classes ended, I've been taking a bit of a break from the "real world", and have already ventured to one of my favorite places to slow down- back on the cliffs.
Ran up to Palisade yesterday for the first time this season, and was not disappointed. Got on some favorites, including Bluebells and Mack the Knife, and to top it off I flashed (translation- no falls) one of last summer's headaches, Hidden Treasure. Despite the wind, it was a great day, and the perfect way to test out my new climbing hat!
Pattern: Mary Jane's Pithy Hat from little turtle knits (Also called the "Elizabethtown Hat"- Ravelry Links)
Yarn: Leftover red Cascade 220 from the Ski Patrol hats for my brother and my Dad
Needles- size 5 for the brim, 7 for the pattern
Best Part: It stays on my head, even 80 feet up on a climb. Plus I love the Elizabethtown reference!
Worst Part: I'm not a huge fan of the length of the hat when it doesn't fall down in back- if I made another one (which I probably will, cause it knit up fast enough for a gift knit) I might make it 8'' instead of 10'' before closing the top. Maybe shorter if I made myself another one.

This hat wasn't the only thing I finished in the last few days. I've been a knitting fiend with all my gift projects, which I'll show more of later.
For now, it's been nice relaxing as the semester closes and summer settles in. I have a lot of climbing projects and knitting projects to work on, but it feels good to take a deep breath as my summer truly begins...

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