Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Morning Cuppa

Alongside my coffee this morning, I had a couple of other hot cups brewing.
This weekend is the birthday of a good friend, and I have a little project I'm finishing up to give to her (hopefully) on my trip down to the twin cities. This particular project is (in my humble opinion) really adorable, and I might have to knit myself some down the road!
After a nice bath, I did some pretty intense blocking.
Can you tell what they are? ;)
They're sitting in the sun, and will stay there today as I run off to my shift at the climbing gym. Hopefully when I get home tonight, they'll be ready to go! It's a little on the chilly side in my apartment since the heat has been turned off, but the sunny forecast more than makes up for it.
One nice thing about the weather is being able to bike to work again consistently. There's so much construction in downtown Duluth it's frustrating to drive around, and coupled with no parking and getting stuck when the Canal Park bridge is up... you can see why I'm excited it's not raining as much.
Off for now. Maybe I can get a little more knitting done at work... sneak it in... ;)

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