Monday, May 2, 2011

Alive and Still Going

This last week has been crazy for me. I had a paper due on Wednesday, lots more research and studying, plus a trip down to the cities for a dance competition for my tap girls. Our studio did superb- we got a lot of awards, including one for Best Precision, most prepared, and all of our dances did well! The rankings start at Bronze, then go Silver Star, Gold, High Gold, and Platinum (only given to a few of the dances from the almost 300 entered in the 2-day period). My youngest middle school tappers got "High Gold", my young high school tappers got "Gold", my tap soloist got "High Gold", and my oldest and most advanced line got "Platinum"! I'm ridiculously excited, and couldn't be prouder of the amazing dancing by my ladies.
Today it's back to the world of finals, research, papers, and stress as the last week of classes begins for me. At least it's gross outside so I don't feel too guilty about being inside all the time.
Minnesota is delivering a beautiful, snowy May thus far. Woohoo?
I haven't been able to get a lot accomplished knitting-wise. My pointe socks are slowly but surely coming along. I took a minute before ballet last week to model them.
I'm really enjoying the pattern- it's a little slow and finicky, but it looks really pretty. I think they'll fit my feet really well after a good block.
I was able to get through a few stripes as well on my Victorian Lit Legwarmers.
Until this weekend I was knitting them exclusively during my Victorian Literature class, more as a stashbusting project as well as mindless class knitting than anything (I already have lots of legwarmers- these will probably replace a pair or two of old ones). I'm almost to the top of the first one, and then onward to the second probably more as bus knitting than anything.
This is my last week of classes- next week I have a final on Monday, a paper and my ballet recreation final due on Wednesday, and finally Graduation on Thursday, where I will walk and receive my master's hood.
Right now I'm not thinking past Wednesday. Final push to get things done starts today- wish me luck!

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