Saturday, March 5, 2011

Midterm Alert

Things are decidedly heating up around here. I spent a long night Tuesday editing and re-editing and checking facts before handing in another draft of my thesis paper on Wednesday, bought my graduation rope and ordered my Master's hood on Thursday, and today I'm working on the essay portion of my take-home midterm for Victorian lit. The semester is definitely putting the heat on!
In celebration of my thesis draft, I took a small detour to Yarn Harbor after seeing Red's blog post about a certain cowl... in a certain type of yarn...
Remember when I fell in love with Malabrigo, saying it was like knitting with butter and I would never look back?
I hadn't touched Plymouth Yarn's Baby Alpaca Grande yet.
Normally, this is a lot nicer yarn than I would ever get for myself. However, a beautifully done and much-coveted cowl pattern makes it worthwhile, plus it's a fast knit and will be perfect for the damp and chilly Minnesota spring. The utter and complete fuzzy softness will couple perfectly with lighter spring jackets, yet keep me cozy when biking around.
Plus, having a rough week means it's nice to treat yourself once in awhile. :)
I got the yarn on Thursday, expecting to maybe start the project after next week, when my spring break was starting.
But the yarn just sat there... cozy... pretty... making yarny eyes at me... coaxing me with promises of a quick, soft, glorious knit..
And I couldn't help myself.
Now I'm just going to limit it to a couple of rows every fifteen minutes. A little reward for all the homework.
Better sooner than later... right?

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