Saturday, March 12, 2011

FO: Midterm Cowl

Springtime in Duluth is usually fairly crummy. Case in point- yesterday, the dusting of snow turned into a rain/snow mix by the time I was biking home from work, and this morning I'm enjoying my morning coffee while watching big fat snowflakes drift down. Mother Nature takes about three months to figure out whether or not she's in winter or summer up here, giving 40 degrees and sun one day but a twenty degree drop, plus winds and ice and snow the next.
This means one must be prepared in terms of winter apparel. I got the cowl bug from Red's recent posting, and after only a few days cranked out one of my new favorite pieces to my wardrobe!
Specs: From the Burberry Cowl pattern by Julianne Smith, available for free! I called it my "Midterm Cowl", since it was my stress relief knit while studying for midterms and working on my abstracts for papers.
Yarn: I used the delicious Baby Alpaca Grande from Plymouth Yarn, and it was ridiculously soft and cozy to knit with. It's got a fair bit of bulk around my neck, which is perfect for keeping on the chilly wind coming off Lake Superior.
The pattern was super easy to knit. I can't decide if the pattern or the yarn is the best part about this project, because both were amazing! The speed that I got it done means it'll be one of my go-to pieces for a fast present knit, plus I know a few people that would probably wear it!
The only snag I hit was that I ran out of yarn before I could get the full four repeats that the pattern called for- I ended up about 10 rows from where it was supposed to end. Not a huge deal, as it still fits perfectly and will keep me plenty snug!
As I enter my spring break week, I'm going to make it a point to attempt to finish off at least a couple of the lingering projects I have waiting in my Ravelry "Works in Progress" list. My Vivian sweater, for instance, needs just the yolk, the hood, and a zipper before it's completely done. I'm going to make it my goal to finish that sweater during this break week so I can wear it in the chilly Minnesota spring, which usually extends through May and into June. Plenty of time to wear it left. :)
Today, I'm heading down to the DECC- the girls that I teach competition tap dancing to are competing today in the first competition of the year! I'm a little nervous, hoping that they won't forget their steps or arms or smiles, which still enjoying being onstage. Guess I'll have to wait and see...

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