Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Silly MN, Blizzards are for Kids

One of my favorite things about living in Minnesota is that we're usually guaranteed a couple of blizzards every year. One or two of them usually occur in the springtime, after everyone is ready to see green grass and put away the thick winter jackets.
The last couple of days have been like this. The forecast has been ominous- 40 mph gusts of winds, blowing snow, white-out conditions- but the only thing that really seemed to happen was the crazy wind. In order to ensure that no snow days would occur, or crazy weather was to be had, I cast on for a pair of Lovikka mittens I've been meaning to make for myself for those windy, blizzardy days like those promised.
I figured if I cast on for those mittens, there was no way we would get the blizzard. After all, being prepared means it usually doesn't happen, right?
It held true all of yesterday. I was inside battling the flu most of the day, and every few hours would wake up, peek out my window, feel the wind shaking the building (they weren't kidding about that), and note that there really wasn't any snow on the ground.
I couldn't believe it- maybe I was helping avert the blizzard!
Maybe it wouldn't happen!!
Dragged myself to class this morning- still through crazy wind- but by now, the skies had held off long enough.
By the time I got home- and nearly to the top of the first mitten...
the snow has started to fall.
Darn it. And here I thought I was helping jinx this silly blizzard nonsense (or un-jinx it, depending on how you look at it).
Guess I better make sure my avalanche shovel is in the trunk of my car to dig myself out...

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Cheryl said...

Don't work too hard at staving off the blizzard--I'd like enough snow to cover up the spring mud.