Monday, March 14, 2011

FO: Electric Kool-Aid Socks

A long time ago, in a yarn store far, far away, I found a beautiful skein of Jitterbug yarn. It was a creamy white, interrupted by bands of beautiful and crazy bright colors that screamed "FUN!". It's hard enough to resist Jitterbug yarn, but tie-dye crazy in the middle of a gray spring is impossible.
I got the yarn and realized I had no idea what to make with it. It hung out in my stash until about mid-summer, when I decided a nice lace scarf was exactly what to do.
I got about half-way through that project before I realized I really didn't like the way it looked, and frogged it back. I spent a good few months waiting for the right pattern to emerge. It had to be simple, since the colors would take away from any lace or cabling, but it had to be interesting enough to keep me entertained.
I finally found a great pattern online, called "A Nice Ribbed Sock", (Ravelry link), which would help keep the sock on my banana ballet-girl feet and still be fun and easy to knit during class time.
I decided to call my socks the "Electric Kool-Aid Socks", since the crazy bright colors are going to be a nice lift for me on these gross spring days before the colors start to really show!
Yarn: the yarn is the Colinette Jitterbug, in white/tie-dye variation.
Needles: size 1
Best Part: Probably the colors. I enjoyed watching them evolve as the sock progressed!
Worst Part: The heel was a problem for me due to my tight knit, so I had to knit a bit more than the pattern originally called for in order to get the 18 stitches necessary to do the gusset. In the future, I might modify the pattern to just have a short row heel. In relation to the yarn, another worst part was figuring out what pattern to use!
The fit is pretty good- a little on the loose side for my taste, so I might give them a good hot bath and see if I can block them nice and snug.
Overall, a fun pattern and a warm and bright pair of socks to keep my feetsies warm!

Today I've been spring cleaning my apartment like mad. I already have three bags of crap to bring to the donation center, and next on my list is to completely gut and clean out my room. I have the time to do it today, and it would feel amazing to have a clean, organized workplace when school really begins to pick up at the end of the semester.
I've been working on my Pointe Socks during down time, and I'm loving the pattern so far.
It's such a pretty yarn to work with, too! I'm a little nervous that they're going to be a little loose as well- is there any way that I can fix this after the fact? A good round in the wash? Suggestions?
Off to tackle the living room... and maybe go through my books for a book exchange while I'm at it! :)