Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The last few weeks since Thanksgiving have been very chaotic. Between finishing up classes, grading up the wazoo, dance classes and attempting to wrap my mind around a family tragedy, I have barely been able to keep myself fed properly, much less get along with my crafty projects. I was able to find time to finish up a pair of mittens for a close friend in need.
My buddy works at a school that's only a couple miles from his house, so he walks every single day there. Problem is, he hasn't owned a good pair of mittens or gloves to keep him warm on his hike. When I found out he was using a cheap $2 pair of cotton gloves from Target, I immediately pulled out the pattern for my double-layer mittens and got to work.
These knit up quickly with the hard-working Cascade 220 as the outside layer in a heather gray, and the Classic Elite Yarns Fresco (60% wool, 30% alpaca and 10% angora) as the warm fuzzy layer on the inside in forest green. He's reported great success, and immediately was able to put them to the test in the cold Minnesota weather in fixing a flat tire!
I'm knitting him a Thorpe hat that's almost done out of warm Icelandic wool before I feel like my knitterly duties are done. More details on that soon.
For now, back to grading, attempting to stay healthy, and thinking about family stuff. My aunt passed away this past weekend from ovarian cancer, so any thoughts or prayers for her family would be appreciated. Funeral's this weekend, so I'm going to be a bit preoccupied. I'm probably going to distract myself with finishing the yolk on my Vivian sweater- I tend to take things out on my knitting.
Until later...

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