Thursday, December 9, 2010

First for Everything

I finished the Thorpe hat for my colorblind friend, excited to get another hat out as Christmas closes in on me. I stopped by his house yesterday to have him try it on, just to be sure it was a good fit before I lined it with fleece to block wind.
Now, know that he told me to make the biggest size possible because he had a large head. I laughed it off, believing that he was probably exaggerating. When he reiterated that I shouldn't underestimate the sheer size of his cranium, I decided just for kicks to make his hat in the size I made for my friend Pete- a guy with a large head and had a full head of dreadlocks that fit easily in the absolute biggest size hat when I made him his own Thorpe. I figured I would make the same hat- same huge size- then have to shrink this new hat to make my point: do not second guess the knitter.
Well, he tried it on- and it was snug. Bah!
Without the lining, it (barely) fit perfectly. I couldn't believe it- his head really was massive! He wasn't exaggerating! I shouldn't have second guessed him!
So now, for the first time ever...
I'm blocking a hat.
Who knew it would come to this?
While this one dries, I've already started on the next hat and a secret project or two as Christmas creeps steadily closer. I've been in denial how fast time is going, which is proving to be inconvenient as the 2-weeks-to-xmas deadline looms ever closer. Luckily, I started this hat yesterday:
and it's already proving to be a fast knit.
I'm hoping that the rest of my knitting presents magically appear this fast. :)

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