Sunday, December 12, 2010

Colorblind Thorpe

The temperature up here in Duluth rocketed below zero this weekend, bringing cold winds and freezing your eyelashes together when your eyes watered too much. It was a good thing I finished a hat for my friend!
The giganto-stretch block that I did fit him perfectly with the lining sewn in, which will help keep those sub-zero winds away on his walk to school. He cooperated in a photo shoot this afternoon despite the single digit temperatures.
Specs on the hat: Made it with the Thorpe pattern (Ravelry link- this is becoming a favorite pattern for gifting!) using Reynolds Lopi wool- discontinued now, though super warm. Knit in size large, then blocked to make it XL. I lined the inside and the earflaps with some regular black fleece to keep it wind-proof.
I'm really enjoying doing the garter stitch on the bottom half of the hat- it balances it out. Modifications for me include making long I-cords for the ties using three of the live stitches from each of the earflaps instead of picking up stitches or braiding or whatever the original called for. Keeps the hat in balance.
I managed to hold back from embroidering a number in the side of the hat in green or red- my friend is colorblind, so I don't think he would have noticed. It would have been a fun experiment, though... ;)
I really can't show much else that I've been working on because of their Christmas-y statuses, but I can share my new project for myself- a simple vest to wear in these chilly months of the year that can go over a button up shirt and still be teacher-like.
I knit a gauge swatch (gasp!) for it yesterday in a pretty light purple (Cascade 220) and I'm working on it here and there in between grading, creating two exams, studying for my own exam, and all the other things going on. It's good to have a little thing like that to work on, though. Plus it'll work great as my bus/watching presentations/movie watching knitting.
Off to make some hot cocoa to combat the cold raging outside.
Stay warm, everyone. :)

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