Friday, November 26, 2010

Little Elephant and some Thanks

I have a little surprise for a new baby this Christmas.
I loved making the Elijah pattern by Ysolda Teague so much for little baby Lucy over a year ago (who named him Elmer and now sleeps with him every night) that when I found out my cousin Kirsten was expecting come February, I knew it would be the perfect present.
It works well as a unisex present, especially since Kirsten and her husband are going to wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl. Besides that fact, it's an adorable and well-written pattern, which is a staple of patterns written by Ysolda.
I especially like how awkward the little body of the elephant is. :)
Specs real quick:
Knit with: Plymouth Yarn Worsted Merino in Superwash, I used sz. 4 needles and was able to get away with one skein of yarn. I stuffed the guy with roving one would use for thrumming, so he's super squishy.
Favorite thing about knitting him: The number of people that commented on how cute he was when I was knitting him at the climbing gym. Also, how fast he knits up when I actually work on him.
Worst thing about knitting him: Probably picking up stitches for and knitting the arms. The first couple of rounds are a pain. Difficult to find something I didn't like about knitting him. :)

I'm halfway through a pair of double-knit mittens for a climber friend, and I'm enjoying being home this weekend for the Thanksgiving weekend. My school to-do list is formidable, but it's been nice so far to take time with family and friends I haven't seen for awhile. Coming home puts things in perspective for me, and helps me recharge my batteries a little.
I'm thankful for my family and my friends, and the advice I get from them (whether I want it or not).
I'm thankful that I haven't been hurt badly while climbing.
I'm thankful for my awesome digestive system, which deals with my random dinners of Oreos, cereal, or half a jar of pickles.
I'm thankful for my jobs and especially the people I work with.
I'm thankful for malabrigo yarn, black diamond cams, vanilla white chocolate mochas, and the crackling of the binding breaking on a new book.
And I'm thankful for how lucky I am for the chance to pursue everything that I want, academically and career-wise, climbing related, or all the other chance things that have come my way thus far.
It's amazing what life throws in your path. :)

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