Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Almost Here...

The semester is almost over for me at school. I have one last round of grading to finish and I can close the books on classes for the semester. That doesn't mean I have lots of down time during break- I'll be hitting the books hard to begin to prepare for my spring MA exams. But I do plan on taking a couple of days here to just sit back, watch some movies, do some crafts, make christmas cookies, and maybe even read a book for fun. :)
Today was a great day to stay in and grade, because starting last night Duluth got dumped on- a foot of snow by morning and it just kept coming!
I went out to go climbing mid-afternoon, and spent a futile twenty minutes digging out my car from the abyss it was hiding under before taking a ride from a friend with a truck sporting 4-wheel drive. Probably a better idea than attempting to drive in this crazy weather.
Hopefully by this time tomorrow night I'll be celebrating the end of the semester, but until then, I'm going to make some hot apple cider, throw in a stick of cinnamon, and hunker down with papers as the snow continues to pile up outside my window.

...oh, and first one to mention how many knitting projects I have to finish before Christmas in four days gets their nose bopped in.

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